Pledge of Compassion

Our Pledge

Current and future employees must first and foremost commit to our mission of improving the mood of others. If a potential employee views working at ECTOgroup​ as nothing more than a cool way to make a living, then they are not a correct fit for the job, no matter how excellent their skills may be.

Our code of ethics states that we shall never accept money from investors who are deemed inappropriate by our internal ethical standards. We are not in this for the money. Our mission is something we have devoted our lives to so no matter how deep your pockets may be, if you have no concern for the well-being of others, you can invest your money elsewhere.

Our team pledges to do no harm, to make a positive impact on the world (both online and off), to serve the common good, to empower the public, to stand up against hate and to have compassion and empathy for all life.

Your Pledge

ECTOgroup​ encourages people to make a pledge of compassion. This pledge will soon be online where you can digitally sign and share your pledge across social media, recruiting friends to commit to becoming a better person.

People who sign this pledge commit to demonstrating compassion for all life, to put themselves in others shoes and to do no harm (online and otherwise).

This doesn’t mean that you have to obey a bunch of rules or give up who you are as an individual. All you need to do is live your life without causing suffering for others. With your help, this simple concept could change the world.