Opportunitiy is Knocking.

Are you looking for work in the exciting Cape Breton tech industry? Do you want to truly make a difference in the world? ECTOgroup Canada is currently making software to improve the mental health of millions of people. We are an equal opportunity employer that values capability, diversity & achievement over a well polished resume & we’re looking to expand our team.

Allow us to bring out the best in you.

We welcome good people of all races, sexual orientations, religions and countries. However, full time employees must live in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. This is to partially to help our economy and partially to ensure that our team is authentically dedicated to the mission and our work.

We aim to benefit the entire human race by improving the mood of the internet. Not only is this mission behind everything ECTOgroup Canada does as a corporation, our founding team has decided to personally dedicate their lives to the cause. TO toot our own horn, we truly are a revolutionary gem in the rough and you can join the movement while we’re still in the startup phase. Potential teammates must simply vow to stand behind the mission and have something to contribute. Positions that will soon be filled are CFO & CTO, as well as programmers & authors.

You too can improve the mood and lives of others. It can be as easy as not being a troll online and leaving nice comments instead. However, making a real commitment often requires coming to terms with our own biases. We are all subject to personal biases, even if we are unaware of them. That’s just how the brain works.

As you read this, right now in this very moment, make a mental note to simply acknowledge your biases. That’s all. We’re not asking you to question or change them, just notice them as they pop up. When you are strong enough to acknowledge your personal biases, you will soon be aware enough to evolve beyond them.

If a potential employee views working at ECTOgroup as nothing more than a cool way to make a living, they are not a good fit for the job (no matter how excellent their skills may be). If an employee does get accepted under false pretenses they will simply not last, so please save us all some time and only apply if you truly want to improve the world.

ECTOgroup promises to provide a contagious, rewarding & fulfilling endeavor to all who step up.