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What is ECTOgroup Canada NOT?


A globally-accessible internet experience that is free of emotionally toxic content and far less threatening to mental health, thereby supporting happier and more productive lives for both current and future societies.

The internet has a mood problem.

No matter where you click there seems to be something frustrating, depressing or downright infuriating ready to load up and ruin your day. The general public is gaining awareness of this trend, but the situation is far more serious than most may currently realize.

Global mental health is in decline and every piece of web content eliciting negative emotion threatens to further impair our collective social psyche.

Of course, we can’t (and shouldn’t) avoid all of the distressing facts in life, but constant exposure to unnecessary anger and hatred pose serious threats to our well-being. Even worse is the fact that there are legions of “people” who have dedicated their lives to making others miserable via the internet.

We have a solution.

At ECTOgroup​, we create technological solutions to the internet’s mood problem. Accordingly, the tools we develop are designed to help safeguard the mental health of virtually all internet users. We aim to reduce and ideally eliminate the suffering caused by emotionally toxic web content.

Exposure to such content leads to impaired mental health and inspires the posting of similarly negative content. Our team has the passion, compassion, knowledge, skills, technology and network to break this vicious cycle by making it easier for people to protect themselves from its influence.

It is critical that we accomplish our mission without forcing specific beliefs on anyone or denying people of their personal freedoms, desires or liberties. We are simply providing an option, albeit one that we feel is vastly superior to the current internet experience.

With the help of our technology, the world can begin to recover from the psychological damage caused by unreliable media outlets, hate groups, mean-spirited trolls and others who have contributed to the toxic atmosphere of contemporary online culture. We are determined to initiate a global shift in the mood of the internet, so that current and future societies may experience a happier reality.